Project: Bounty Squads

Dev Blog 2022-01-02

Greetings everyone,

Ali here. This is the first dev blog of year 2022! Happy New Year!

I figured that I should begin tracking and displaying the progress of certain projects more closely. What better way than with a dev blog? And what better project to start with than Project Bounty Squads?

Project Bounty Squads is still in motion. As a matter of fact, things have been in quite the motion during the holidays, as I got time to work on it more than ever before.

The progress that has been made in this time is quite substantial, and in many ways, more than I've progressed in the project before.

As it stands, I have focused on the parts of the project that I felt gave me the best rush as a Gameplay and Systems Designer. Therefore, development time was put in these following systems:

  • Several Character Mechanics:
    • Wall running was prototyped, and later, added as a complete mechanic. The space-travel mechanics were also reiterated.
  • Dialogue Systems:
    • As this game is to be a narrative focused game, many narrative systems were upgraded to fit.
  • Quest System:
    • The interaction between the quest system and other systems was cleaned up and refined. The quest log now correctly displays all related quest info.
  • Save System:
    • As part of the progress in the inter-planetary traveling, the save system got itself a boost as well.

These last few weeks of development were incredibly fun and engaging. It has been an absolute blast, and more will come.

One last thing: In a late night development blast, I made an in-game Camera Mode, so that players would be able to take in-game screenshots as well. The images in this post were all taken by said system. Please enjoy!

Thank you for reading, and good bye!