Survival Crafting Prototype


This prototype was made as an assignment at FutureGames. Me, Johan Norr, and Jack Korkis made Survival & Crafting systems.


The survival system had three main features: Crafting, Day & Night cycle, and a Bodily Functions property. The crafting system and the day & night cycle are where the bulk of the functionality was.

The goal was to make a diegetic solution to the UI heavy crafting systems present today, in the context of a survival game.

Day & Night Cycle

The cycle was time-based down to the seconds, but all time based events where hour-based. While the system was built inside the Game Mode, much of the other functionality was built outside of it (such as the sun's movement).

Therefore, I made sure that new implementations didn't need to access the game mode, and focus on smart interfaces. This would make it more modular, for any added functionality that would be implemented later.

The bulk of this code was made by me, with assistance from Johan and Jack.

Crafting System

The crafting system utilized a two-piece combination system. Our personal goal was to make a diegetic crafting system, with as little UI as possible. While we did use an arbitrary inventory system, we successfully made the crafting without the use of a crafting interface.

The combination functionality was checking the first ingredient and the second ingredient, and what recipe those two Enumerations matched with.

The bulk of the code was written by Johan, with my and Jack's assistance.

What I learned

Making a working system isn't the challenging part. Making a smart, modular and elegant system is where the real fun begins.

I also learned a lot from working on one system with multiple developers.