2D Shooter Prototype


Continuing on the interest of combat related gameplay designs and systems, me, Gustav Lidén and Mattias Lundell made a upgraded prototype of several systems in a 2D wave based shooter.

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Combining Systems

We worked on several systems. Gustav and Mattias worked on the AI and Crafting systems respectively, whereas I worked on the combat - including the Weapons, Classes, and Abilities systems.

Weapons System

The 2D, top-down shooter framework enabled me to focus on balancing and implementation of the weapons. I ended up using 4 archetypical weapons:

  • Starting handgun.
  • SMG (faster, weaker).
  • Sniper (stronger, piercing, 1 bullet mags).
  • Shotgun (stronger, splash damage).

As I have done previously, these were plotted on a Weapons Balancing Chart, which enabled a clear visual overview of any pitpalls in the designs.

Character Classes

As an added functionality to the prototype, I also implemented a class system accompanied with a spell & ability system. Code-wise, the structure was similar to the weapons system. The two characters had different properties as well as unique abilities.


Due to this only being a prototype, we settled on two abilities per class.

The Grunt's abilities were tech-based:

  • Timed Hand Grenade ( throwable area of effect damage).
  • Timed Flash Bang (throwable area of effect stun).

The Mage's abilites were fire-based:

  • Fire-lance (Long distance, damage over time).
  • Nova (area of effect around character).

What I learned

Better understanding of C# and Unity, some advanced functionalities, and how to better implement systems designs.