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PC, Console, Mobile

Roblox Studio, UEFN

I joined The Gang Sweden in early 2023. Since then, I have been involved in the development of quite a few games. The first were for clients, and the more recent are in-house projects.

It has been a thrill to apply my experience in multiplayer game design, rapid development and mobile games design for one of the biggest profiles in the UGC gaming atmosphere.

While I've assisted in, mentored, and playtested many more of the games and experiences at The Gang Sweden, I'll be outlining the projects I primarily worked on, as well as my role in them.

IHeartLand - Radio Star Simulator

  • Gameplay Design (Game Modes and Challenges)
  • Level Design (Obstacle Courses)
  • Progression Design (Equipment, Weapons, and Pet stats)
  • Balancing (Gear and Pets)
  • Technical Design (Optimization of Pipelines and Updates)

This was a client project for IHeartRadio. I was part of the re-making of the original game, which meant substantial changes to the game mode, the world, and the progression. I edited levels and mechanics for the new pet-focused gameplay, implemented and balanced complex data sheets for the pets and gear, and optimized systems' implementation.

The biggest challenge was that there was no data parsing tool, and most games on the platform were heavily data-based. Seeing an opportunity to make the lives of all our developers easier, I developed a more effective pipeline for how designers were able to easily view and adjust data in their games.

Klarna Wonderland - Runway Fashion and Shopping

  • Gameplay Design (Fresh new Game Mode & Minigame)
  • Quest Design (Dialogue, related UI, Quests)
  • Progression Design (New Rewards System)

This was a client project for Klarna. I was part of a seasonal expansion to this game where we developed a new game mode, quest lines, and a new rewards structure. The new fashion collection & treasure hunt game mode successfully served to revitalize the entire game world by having players interact with the individual zone and do quests to unlock fashion pieces.

Sumo Wrestling Simulator

  • Gameplay Design (3C)
  • Progression Design (NPC Fighters, Level System and Data)
  • Content Design (Worlds, Pets)
  • Monetization Design (Single Use Boosters, Game Passes)
  • Balancing (Player Journey)

This was an internal project, and my first project when promoted to the R&D department. The game is still one of The Gang's more successful games on the platform, with thousands of daily players.

I had an opportunity to design the NPC's and progression, which came with its own flavors and data balancing needs. Along with that, I was able to set up a data structure for ensuring ease of creating new content.

Horror Game (TBA)

More information coming soon!

This game is The Gang's largest and most complex undertaking on the platform yet, and therefore has its own dedicated page.