A King of the Hill battler with a Battle Royale twist!

The goal is to bump out the other fighters, while remaining the top squirrel - but watch out for falling debris and falling off the stage!

Project Details



Engine & tools:


Team Composition:


Local Multiplayer Brawler

Unreal Engine, Blueprints

Two weeks

Six Game Designers

Project Management

I set up the documentation, GitHub repositories, and ensured team synchronicity. Though this was a short project, I always made sure it was in motion.

Character Mechanics

Since this was my first fighter game, I wanted to investigate the inner workings of "fight" mechanics. This was my first view of character mechanics.


Taking inspiration from other brawlers, I designed the power-ups to be useble throughout each match. This motivated players to go for them when they appear and change the flow of the battle.

Player Interaction

As a group effort, we designed the D&C to be an interactive game where the players were, in lack of better words, forced to fight eachother. There was no idling, and no hiding.

What I learned

As one of my first entries to the world of Unreal Engine, I got to learn how to use blueprints, Unreal engine, GitHub, and break down mechanics into smaller steps.