Project: Bounty Squads

Dev Blog 2022-01-10

Greetings everyone,

Ali here, with another dev blog post from Bounty Squads! It's been such a joy to continue working on this project during the holidays, so I'm just going to keep going.

This time, I've further iterated on the Wall Running Character Mechanic, making it more like the wall running mechanics from the games that inspired it (namely, Mirrors Edge, Titanfall and Fallen Order).

Part One: Trajectory

The first change was switching the mechanic from a non-decaying trajectory, to a decaying trajectory, which was accomplished by increasing gravitational strength over time.

This enabled certain design limitations in the actual wall running, which opened up for the second part of this iteration — the oomph...!

Part Two: Oomph!

The oomph-part is the sweet addition of a power-boost in jump strength if the forward input was pressed while jumping off of the wall. Below is a showcase of the difference in distance.

Note: No forward input while jumping off of wall.

Note: Input forward while jumping off of wall.

With these two changes, the wall running actually begins to feel like a valid movement feature rather than a tacked on mechanic. It'll be an interesting test to see how it works in actual levels, but that's for a later post.

It has been lots of fun to make and very educational. I'm looking forward to improve on it further, and to see this system interact with other navigational systems as well.

Thanks for reading, and good bye!