Go-Boi is a 2.5D endless runner. It was made as a form of case study in games such as Super Mario, and more importantly - Flappy Bird!

The goal was to find the essence of such games, and then give it a fresh & personal twist.

Project Details



Engine & Tools:


Team Composition:

PC, Android


Unity, C#, Blender

One month

Solo Project

Solo Project

The premise of Go-Boi was simple, as it was based on other games. I wanted each addition to be a valuable addition, and blend naturally with the rest of the game - and so I added:

  • Countdown timer, to motivate the player to pick up time-ups.
  • Speed display, to remind the player to stay fast.
  • Lives, to give the player a fighting chance.


For the added main design, I chose power-ups. I added a few power-ups, but I wanted each of them to feel substantial and unique. They were the following:

  • Health Potion - Refills the player's health.
  • Speed Boost - Increases the added speed to player.
  • Slow Motion - Slows down time, and speeds up player.
  • Double score - Doubles incoming score.

Without over-crowding the playing field, I wanted the power-ups to populate the level. As an unseen side effect, some power-ups where placed in such a spot that the player had to plan their advance in order to collect it. With that, each power-up was balanced to be worth collecting it, and unique.

The lessons I learned

Since this was a very simple game, I had to think more on the design, rather than the technical aspects of it, as clever design is better than overdesign. As an addition to that, less is more.